Myth:Corporate Sector and Colleges

This was one of my very first writing after joining corporate sector. Apologies if there are any errors.

Mentalities? What is difference between mentality of a person who is in corporate sector and a fresher or job-seeker? To be frank there is a lot. It’s like difference between a simple program of transaction processing(which you find difficult) in java and applications on Micro Web Framework(Trust me, they are difficult for people like us) which you will be working on in a span of 4-5 months after joining(for me it was one month of nominal training) a company.

Difficult? It won’t sound good, but yeah it is difficult and most of you will go through that phase, or you might be in that phase already. Try making the best out of your time.  Most of the professionals don’t even know on which platforms, majority of the companies are working . First preparation, to get into corporate sector, with a good future is, to be keen towards latest technologies with a learning attitude. Fear gives no good.

Jobs and people- How job affects your mentality, and your mentality affects your job choice? Most of the companies will have vacancies for people with skill set including ASP, Mobile Web, JSP, PHP, testing and database(MySQL,SQL). Technology’s running on web. So if you are really struggling and not able to find the right way, just select what you are best at and start learning. Select randomly if you are not sure. Let me tell you, no field is on top of other. In the end what matters is your knowledge and experience. Here’s is a key to be successful, “Keep learning, Success will come naturally(Credits: 3 Idiots)”.

All the best to everyone. Wish you all a great corporate life.


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