Human vs Artificial Intelligence – Quick Insight

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What makes your life easier than a technical secretary who says, “What can I do for you Anonymous? I can help you solve real-life problems, and I can also help you with things that I don’t understand by connecting you to a human”.


This is how a life of new-born bot starts. As a kid getting trained on real-world problems via Natural Language Processing- Artificial Intelligence Based Human Language Interpretation to invoke technical callbacks. Callbacks that invoke functions like triggering ON and OFF event for a switch in case of Smart Homes like Home,  wake me up at 7 AM tomorrow in case of smartphones virtual assistants like Siri & Google Assistant.


Artificial intelligence is in competition with humans by automating human work and reducing the human workforce. There are a lot of discussions around fact that there is a segment of humans who don’t like bots and technology, they just don’t want to lose their job to a bot.


But for those who understand that we should rather try to automate things than doing everything by ourselves just to feel ownership, “We are not the owner of anything in our life. We cannot control mind and body”.  People were using landlines before they started using mobile phones, and with time they started learning about social media websites like Facebook, mobile messengers like WhatsApp and traveling with Uber.

If you are here and trying to understand IoT- any device that is connected to internet/ network and can be controlled over same using apps on mobile phones, smart watches or web apps is an IoT device. An IoT device can be a light, air conditioner, speakers, music system in your car, energy monitors etc. If you are techie you can buy one of RaspberryPi starter kit and unleash your creativity.

Merry Christmas!

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