Orion Philosophy – ancient wisdom for modern times

Its 10:30 PM, am sitting in my room surrounded with magnificent garden and my eyes were stuck at angelic Buddhist fountain for long before I decided to write this blog on Philosophy.

Most of you being technical readers, I will quickly explain what philosophy is. Philosophy is a way of life. Its our decision making capability to manage our emotions and thoughts. Each one of us have our own philosophical controller that helps us in making important and non important decisions in life. For geeks, its an autonomy advisor that helps us take decisions linked to real world issues. A good philosophy towards life is very important for us to control our thoughts and emotions to live stress free life during modern times.


While trying to understand human philosophy and meaning of life I started talking to people who were studying them. Recently I met a friend who introduced me to a philosophy that slowly started changing my perception towards life and the way I was pursuing it. Its called “Orion Philosophy” which talks of Stoicism as its core value. Stoicism means ‘the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint‘. It was founded by Zeno of Citium in Athens in the early 3rd century BC, long before Jesus was born.

If you are thinking same as me, finding meaning of life is somewhat confusing and elusive. We struggle to find purpose of life and get ourselves entangled in our own emotions and thoughts leading to foggy behaviour and decision making. While exploring I came across various articles and blogs on Stoicism and its practical implementations in life. I will be putting references to all of of them at bottom.

One interesting cheat sheet that I came across was of David Stoic which depicts Stoic philosophy as a pyramid.

Top of pyramid says, there is good chance that it will go bad but you will be ok. This is most important step to make your more stoic. It means you should know the difference between things you can change and things you can’t. What is yours and under your control will come to you but what is not in your control, you must not dwell on it.

Live Simply. Try living a simple life while pursuing what you love doing as it will give you much more satisfaction than anything that’s materialistic.

What’s done is done. You cannot change what is already done, so worrying about it is only going to create more misery. Rather focus on good things in life and practice mindfulness by practicing healthy lifestyle. Whenever you feel your mind is stuck in things you cannot change deviate yourself. Get a hobby, exercise, go out for a walk, do YOGA and try other mind relaxing techniques.

Here’s powerful video of Epictetus who was one of the most prominent Stoic philosophers of the ancient world. Not putting too much of cognitive load on readers I will end this blog here and soon start writing Part 2 where we will discuss ‘Nihilism’. Happy Reading.





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