I just submitted my app to store. What do I do now?

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Most of the developers feel so happy after submitting their app to Stores and say its time for a party. It is time to grab few beers and relax after all the hard work team did in developing, conceptualising and ideating that app and it even passed strict guidelines provided by Apple App store. Phew!

After 2 days, a developer comes to me and asks, we did a small press release, asked few blog platforms to blog about our new app and we have 2k downloads for our new app. Great! What’s next? Post release process is one of the main question that I come across ( e.g. http://linkd.in/1HfEzPO ). I will try to answer this question in this post-

    apps press release

  1. Approach few blogging companies or personal bloggers, the keywords you are targeting will have few articles on search engine. You can approach those companies/personal bloggers and ask them to write an article/press release about your app. For inspiration look at- http://noodlecake.com/ssg2/
  2. app review guidelines

  3. If you are releasing app for all platforms make sure that your follow app review guidelines for each platform, especially for iOS as Apple ensures that apps you submit are reliable, perform as expected, and are free of offensive material.
  4. mobile app analytics, infographics

  5. Make sure you track analytics from day 1. There are different tools available to track performance, basic and most important but ignored-crash analytics. If your app crashes even once, probability that user will open app again is really low. You also loose on review here. There are a lot of tools to choose from. Depends on kind of app. If you are developing a game you will track where did your character die & for information display app you will need a heatmap so that you can focus on blue areas. I have used http://www.flurry.com/, http://www.google.com/analytics/mobile/ & https://count.ly/. https://www.appsee.com/ is bit unique and different. It gives you session playback and it identifies UI bugs automatically. Willing to try this in my next project.
  6. Make sure you respond to all reviews from day 1 via support email or review comments on store. Even if it is bad.
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StudyPad, Inc. is a Silicon Valley company that is the publisher of award winning Splash Math app series andwww.splashmath.com. It all began in 2010 from a garage in Delhi, around the time when the iPad was launched along with Common Core Standards that were introduced in the U.S.
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Splash Math is platform agnostic. All kinds of devices find their way to today’s classrooms. From iPads and Android tablets to Chromebooks and Windows tablet PCs. Splash Math aims to replace Paper Worksheets with Fun Games and gear iPads/tablets, laptops/desktops for the classroom. Math practice anytime and anywhere is possible with Splash Math that works equally well on iPad/android tablets and on laptop or desktop. Once downloaded, it can be used on multiple devices with the same login and the progress of the kid can be saved and tracked in real time.
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